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Smacked cucumber salad

Smacked cucumber salad


2 cucumbers
4-5 tablespoons salt
5-6 tablespoons of Happy Eating House Chilli Oil
Handful chopped peanuts for garnish
Handful coriander for garnish


Lay the cucumber flat on a chopping board. With the flat of a chopping knife, smack the cucumber all over. Slice the cucumber length-ways into 2 halves. Using a teaspoon, scrape out the seeds and discard. Chop the cucumber into bite-size pieces. Place the cucumber in a bowl and salt. Leave to stand in the fridge for a few hours (1-2 should do it, but the longer the better so that the salt draws out the water from the cucumber and retains its crunch). Rinse the cucumber under water to get rid of the excess salt. Drizzle the cucumber in the chilli oil (don’t forget the bits!) and mix well. Sprinkle with peanuts and chopped coriander to serve.